BibleScope is a Bible study application designed exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It was designed to have a great user interface to maximize reading of the Word and to allow interaction and use of various Bible study methods.

  • Includes the ability to navigate all the books and chapters of the Bible using either a "wheel dial" selector or a table selection with a shortcut bar to the right side.
  • Add bookmarks to jump to specific locations in the Bible, and have a custom name for each bookmark.
  • Compose study notes that are saved with the current book and chapter, or compose loose notes for general study.
  • Keyword search to find specific words in the Bible, with search results highlighted in Bible text.
  • Settings screen now within BibleScope. Settings include background, font, font size, colors and more.
  • No Internet connection needed. All Bible content is locally within the app.
  • Bars at the top and bottom slide in/away with a press of the screen.
  • Split-screen display that shows two Bible versions simultaneously.
  • Swipe left/right to go to previous/next chapter.
  • Select a verse number to add a bookmark for that verse.
  • Daily devotional texts include Charles Spurgeon's Morning and Evening, Daily Path devotional, and a Daily Bible Reading selection.
  • Words of Christ in red for the KJV and WEB translations.

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  • A version of BibleScope is now available in the App Store that adds The Message translation, as well as the ERV version.
  • This release also includes a new landscape (widescreen) view for the Bible text.

Coming Soon to Both Versions:

  • Landscape view will be added to the original version of BibleScope too.
  • Notes have been added for an individual verse and show a note icon by the associated verse.
  • After a search or bookmark, the screen will autoscroll to the appropriate verse.
  • Added Darby's commentary and Sagradas Escrituras translation as free downloads.
  • Added verse history for previous Bible locations that you have navigated to.
  • Several maps have been added to allow you to view some of the locations from different periods in Bible history
  • Split screen view will keep the two views in sync

Bible Versions:

  • BibleScope currently includes the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible, the New Simplified Bible (NSB), the World English Bible (WEB), Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary, Spanish Reina Valera Bible, and Easton's Bible Dictionary. Also available for FREE download from within BibleScope are Young's Literal Translation(YLT), American Standard Version (ASV), Darby Translation, Russian Translation, German Translation, and a Portuguese Translation.
  • In addition to the translations above, BibleScope with The Message and the ERV is available with the wonderful and very readable The Message and Easy to Read translations.
  • I have been in contact with the publishers of the ESV, NIV, and NLT and am waiting to receive contract terms from them.



  • NEW: BibleScope with The Message and ERV 1.0 (Now available on iTunes!)
    • Adds the wonderful The Message and Easy to Read (ERV) translations.
    • Includes a landscape view for the Bible text to be shown in widescreen.
    • Adds bookmark icons on the verses to easily see when verses have been bookmarked.
  • BibleScope 1.4 (Now available on iTunes)
    • Added ability to download additional Bible versions.
    • New Bible versions available are: American Standard Version, Young's Literal Translation, Darby Translation, German Luther translation, Russian Translation, and Portuguese translation.
    • Couple of search fixes to fix a crash bug and to add ability to recognize search keyword with non-english characters.
    • Added black background option.
  • BibleScope 1.3
    • Updated text for Authorized King James and World English Bible to add Christ's words in red.
    • Settings screen now available within BibleScope.
    • Added more customization options for background, font colors, font size, UI bars colors and more.
    • New book and chapter selection screen.
    • Search results and bookmark jumps will highlight the verse.
    • Can now swipe left/right to go to previous/next chapter.
    • Select the verse numbers to add a bookmark for that verse.
    • Added additional daily devotional and daily reading selections. These require an internet connection.
  • BibleScope 1.2
    • Revised KJV and MHCC text.
    • Fixed last search result bug.
    • Added ability to name the bookmarks.
    • Added general notes capability that are not tied to a particular book or chapter.
    • Added new "wheel dial" book and chapter selection.
    • Added ability to search Easton's dictionary.
    • Added Charles Spurgeon's morning and evening devotionals.
    • Added Spanish Reina Valera Bible.
    • Added buttons to increase/decrease the font size.
    • Added buttons to jump to next/previous book.
  • BibleScope 1.1
    • Added split-screen view.
    • Added World English Bible
    • Added Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary.
    • Fixed a search issue.
  • BibleScope 1.0
    • Initial Release


Thanks go out to Paul Avery for the icon and splash screen designs, and to Damien Aviles for some Bible texts.

If you have any support questions or just want to say hi, you can reach me at
- Kenny