Bible Software for iPhone/iPod Touch and Android devices

BibleScope is an app that allows you to read and study God's Word

Built for the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android devices

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  • Navigate all books, chapters and verses of the Bible.
  • Add bookmarks to jump to specific locations in the Bible, and have a custom name for each bookmark.  Add folders to organize your bookmarks into sections.
  • Compose study notes that are saved with the current book and chapter, or compose loose notes for general study.  Email the notes to yourself or others for study and archival.   Add folders to organize your notes into sections
  • Keyword search to find specific words in the Bible
  • Settings screen inside BibleScope includes background, font, font size, colors and many more options to customize your experience.
  • No Internet connection needed. All Bible content is locally within the app.  
  • Daily devotional texts include Charles Spurgeon's Morning and Evening, Daily Path devotional, and a Daily Bible Reading selection.  An additional screen is available for a daily reading plan to read through the Bible in a year.
  • Words of Christ in red for the KJV, WEB, NIV, ESV and NASB translations.
  • Many extra Bible translations can be downloaded for free from within BibleScope, and others (NIV, ESV, NASB, HCSB and others) can be purchased directly from within the app.
  • Bars at the top and bottom slide in/away with a press of the screen.
  • Split-screen display that shows two Bible translations simultaneously.
  • Swipe left/right to go to previous/next chapter.
  • Select a verse number to add a bookmark, note, highlighting, or to view commentary for that verse.

For many more features and information go to the iPhone Features or Android Features page


HCSB Study Bible and NASB w/ Strongs coming soon - Feb 18

In the next BibleScope update for iOS, the HCSB Study Bible and NASB w/Strongs will be available for purchase.
The HCSB Study Bible will feature Strongs numbers as well as many additional study features like images, study notes, essays, book outlines, and word studies.


BibleScope 5.0 for iOS devices released - Feb 17

A new update for BibleScope on iOS devices is now available.
Here are the new features:

  • NEW: UI changes including new fonts, colors, and backgrounds
  • NEW: New verse selector
  • NEW: New horizontal scrolling feature to let the main text scroll sideways
    On the iPad the text will be in a 2 column mode
  • NEW: Many tweaks and fixes throughout
  • Fixed: Map zoom problem

BibleScope update coming with NLT - March 17

BibleScope update coming soon

A new update for BibleScope will be coming soon along with the NLT translation.
Here are the new features coming up:

  • NEW: NLT translation will be available
  • NEW: Some UI changes
  • NEW: Added a table of weights and measures
  • NEW: New daily reading view shows all of your daily reading selection on one page
  • NEW: Choose a custom color for main text color and for verse color
  • Fixed: Rotation problems
  • Fixed: A few other random errors

BibleScope for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch 4.0 - June 18

BibleScope update 4.0 available now!

The 4.0 update for iOS BibleScope is available now! Here are the fixes and new features:

  • Added split screen option on iPad to show 2 different Bible locations and translations at the same time
  • Added verse popup to send verse by email, or to tweet the verse or send as Facebook status
  • Added underline as highlighting option
  • Various updates and fixes

BibleScope 1.3 for Android - Jun 16

BibleScope 1.3 for Android available now!

BibleScope 1.3 for Android is now available in the Android Market. Here are the enhancements:

  • Added Maps to popup menu. Go to Extras from Menu button, then choose the Maps option
  • Added verse commentary option. Download one of the commentaries (John Gill, Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, etc) then click on a verse and select Verse Commentary
  • Added an option for having each verse on a separate line

BibleScope for iPad - May 2

BibleScope update for the iPad available now!

The update for BibleScope that supports the iPad is available now! BibleScope is now a 'Universal' app for Apple products, which means the very same app runs natively on the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.


BibleScope for Android - Mar 29

BibleScope for Android available now!

BibleScope for Android is now available in the Android Market! Click here for more information regarding the Android BibleScope.


BibleScope for Android and the iPad - Mar 12

BibleScope for Android

A version of BibleScope for Android is coming to the Android Market, most likely within a few weeks. More information will be coming soon.

BibleScope for iPad

A version of BibleScope with iPad enhancements will be coming soon. It will be a standard upgrade to the regular BibleScope.


memoryVerses - Feb 5

I wrote an app for Lifeway called memoryVerses and it is now available in the App Store
It is a verse memorization app that includes the HCSB and KJV and helps you memorize verses by using categories and flashcard view.

The memorization features have been included in the 3.3 release of BibleScope.


BibleScope 3.3 - Feb 4

The 3.3 update of BibleScope has been approved by Apple and is available in the App Store

  • Adds the verse memorization feature that allows you to have lists of memory verses and can view the verses individually and has a flash card view
  • You can send the memory verses to friends using email, twitter, and facebook
  • Added the status bar back for main reading view
  • Added a button to clear the daily reading plan days
  • Added backup/sync for highlights so they can always be safe in the case of a re-install
  • Various updates and fixes


I will be looking into the iPad capabilities and seeing if it makes sense to make a version of BibleScope specifically for it.


BibleScope 3.2 - Sep 12

The 3.2 release of BibleScope has been approved by Apple and has these fixes and changes:

  • Changes to the way screen rotations are handled
  • Changed way all translation downloads are handled
  • Option to move the verse jump shortcut to left side or hidden
  • Chronological daily reading plan has been added
  • Option to make the top/bottom bars opaque

BibleScope 3.1 - Aug 26

The following are the new features and changes in the 3.1 update:

  • Folders are now available to organize your notes
  • Added server-side editing of your notes with 2-way sync to your device
  • HCSB translation is now available for purchase within BibleScope
  • Red letter text for the words of Christ can be toggled off or changed to a different color
  • Added a few new backgrounds
  • Added colors to Bible book names in grid view for book/chapter/verse selection
  • Added notes edit beside the text when in landscape
  • Added line height setting
  • Added John Gill exposition to verse commentary selection

As part of this update, you now have the ability to edit/create your notes on this website and then transfer them to your device. To edit your notes, click the 'Member Login' link above.


BibleScope 3.0 approved and other updates - Jul 7

The BibleScope 3.0 update is now approved and available in the App store. You will need to have the iPhone/iPod Touch OS 3.0 update installed first.

  • Added In-App purchase of translations using your iTunes account
  • Tilt-to-scroll feature. Can be toggled in Settings screen
  • New setting to allow UI menu bars toggling only on double tap
  • Email of notes is now all done within BibleScope
  • Couple new backgrounds and colors, and tweaked the way the backgrounds work so they don't flash white anymore in certain cases
  • Copy and Paste works for Notes screen (though this is mainly due to iPhone/iPod Touch OS 3.0)
  • Fixed a bug with creating empty bookmark folders
  • Scrolling in split screen now works for top and bottom
  • Several other minor updates

I have also recently added a few translations: a Byzantine Greek translation courtesy of Paul Avery, the John Gill exposition of the Bible, and the German Elberfelder 1905 translation. I should have the HCSB translation available soon.


Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) translation - Jun 12

The Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) translation will be coming soon to BibleScope, just after the release of BibleScope 3.0. The license for the HCSB will be worldwide.


BibleScope 2.2 approved - May 13

The 2.2 update for BibleScope has finally been approved for the Message/ERV and the standard version of BibleScope. The BibleScope w/ NIV is still awaiting approval. This update adds:

  • Folders for bookmarks so you can organize your bookmarks
  • Landscape mode now works normally showing all UI elements in landscape
  • Sync for bookmarks and notes
  • Grid view for book/chapter/verse selection
  • Pressing a footnote or verse # doesn't toggle the menu bars anymore
  • Email button for individual notes
  • Added a popup link to show commentary for a verse, provided either the Adam Clarke or Treasury of Scripture Knowledge commentaries are downloade

I have also recently added a few translations: a Byzantine Greek translation courtesy of Paul Avery, the John Gill exposition of the Bible, and the German Elberfelder 1905 translation. I should have the HCSB translation available soon.


BibleScope 2.1 approved - Mar 4

The 2.2 update for BibleScope has been approved. This update adds:

  • Adding 2 new translations: La Palabra de Dios Para Todos (Modern Spanish translation) for purchase, and a free Revised Korean translation
  • Search enhancements: including faster searches and ability to filter the search to current book, OT, NT or Entire Bible. You can also choose to search by phrase or as keywords
  • Highlights: can now be one of 5 different colors, and the current verse you are at is remembered after you select a verse for highlight
  • Footnote view:
    • ERV now adds footnotes to text
    • You can now toggle the footnote window to make it taller to see those larger footnotes or notes you have entered
  • Verse navigation history is now stored in the database so it is persistent between BibleScope restarts
  • Regular user notes that you have entered can now be clicked on and shown in the footnote view so you can see them while you are viewing the verse text
  • Added option for the Next and Prev buttons to navigate in the search results
  • Added a Daily Reading plan that is more traditional in that it goes straight from Genesis to Revelation.  This option can be changed in the Settings screen.
  • Fixed issue with certain characters causing problem with saving user generated notes

I have also recently added a few translations: a Byzantine Greek translation courtesy of Paul Avery, the John Gill exposition of the Bible, and the German Elberfelder 1905 translation. I should have the HCSB translation available soon.